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Specialty Dental

Portage Park Dental will take care of your specialty needs for root canals, periodontics procedures, oral surgery, implant placement and laser treatments in one location. For most of these procedures we are proud to use the newest laser WaterLase iPlus by Biolase.


A gum disease, defined as an inflammation and infection of gums, bone and other tissues surrounding the teeth. Gingivitis, which involves gums only, and periodontics involving gums and bone are the two main forms of periodontal disease. Our office offers surgical and non- surgical treatment options for all your gum problems. Our newest WaterLase is great for treating gums periodontal problems.


The most known procedures done under endodontics are root canals treatment. When a patient’s tooth becomes infected, a root canal may be performed to remove the infected sections. After the infected material has been removed, the tooth will be filled with sealing material and a temporary filling will be placed. The next step will be a permanent crown or filling to seal and support the tooth.

Oral surgery

Surgery performed within the mouth and jaw, especially performed around the gums and teeth as an expedient for the purpose of preservation or replacement of teeth. Our doctors practice oral and maxillofacial surgery with ranging from dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth removal to TMJ treatment.

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